Expecting the Unexpected

It is now only a matter of weeks before my 2014 Master Key Master Mind Alliance begins again.  I am feeling like a kid counting down weeks till Christmas….because I know it is going to be so magical…

I embarked on the class of 2013 along with hundreds of strangers from around the world….a virtual class by webinars allows for so many more “seats” and expands around the globe….in fact,  6 continents were represented last year. [Antarctica …where were you?]

What is so cool is that I now have relationships with so very many of the class participants! Face Book, Linked-in and even real life friendships as well as business relationships too. Incredible when I think of it. We convened as strangers and week by week we grew closer together and shared what most people don’t share with anyone…ever. It is a bond that is hard to describe…built on the likeness of one common denominator….each of us exploring how to get more out of our lives…big things, as well as little things….more in the sense of something more than works well, and also things that could be better, different and of course parts of our lives where we felt we could have less of something…all mixed together it was that common platform that brought us all together united in a singular purpose of sorts.

Heck who doesn’t want something more, better, different or less in their lives? Even when “everything is awesome” [ as my grandkids’ repeated Lego movie soundtrack says ] we want more of it, don’t we? Why wouldn’t we? ABUNDANCE is a key element of the Master Key course…so yes, I wanted more of some great stuff in my life….as well as the better , different and yes the less stuff too.

Each of us worked through the 26 weekly classes at our own pace and experienced something that made a difference to us…big differences and many many small differences….again all united in the experiences week by week…such an incredible journey actually….stuff movies can be made of.  So you can imagine why I am excited to begin again this time around…..after all I am a different person 12 months later and will see and experience each week’s lesson slightly different now I know. How could I not?

I have enjoyed many challenging  classes,  seminars and books  in my life, and often welcomed a deep dive into how we get our results in life…some pretty heady stuff for sure…..when you go down the rabbit hole further than most people ever would. I even do seminars on this topic because I love it so very much. But I have never experienced such a hands on, step by step guide on HOW to make the positive changes in our lives. It is one thing to hear the feel-good WHAT that needs to change, but the KEY is the HOW to do it…wow, what a difference! So that is where the 26 weeks of intense work comes into play…the best 26 weeks of my entire life, from a learning perspective…hands down.

Not many people are ready to take on a deep dive into their own heads and hearts. After all it’s scary to go to some places.  Einstein said only 2% of the population really think…no wonder…. thinking ….really thinking takes a lot of  curiosity, courage, commitment and then confidence to uncover our very own life’s buried treasures…..yes treasures they are…all of them, because when we can look at them differently, they change and in fact can become more of a treasure than we ever imagined possible.

Expect the unexpected…that is what I am ready for again this fall….with open arms! Bring it on Master Key Master Mind Alliance!

Care to step into your own new brave, bright, beautiful world? I would be honoured to walk the journey with you …virtual arm in virtual arm. Happy to share more anytime.

In gratitude.



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