Week 23 Are We There Yet? How Much Longer?

I took the 3 grand kids on a road trip last weekend to kick start their school spring break. It was just over 200 miles ( 300+ kms) and included a line up at the Canadian/USA border just south of Vancouver. It wasn’t just me heading across the border on that 1st day of spring break…the border crossing lineup was a long one.

Are we there yet? Yep, that was the question of the hour; of the day; and of the whole 3 day weekend. It didn’t matter how many times I explained the weekend game plan, the distance, the need for patience and cooperation, and the anticipated fun at the water resort called Great Wolf Lodge…none of that was considered when I was asked over and over and over again…are we there yet? or the second favourite…how much longer?

I am sure every reader has experienced these same questions and if not directly from your own kids, grand kids, or friends’ kids, you will all remember asking it yourselves when we were all kids! I believe it to be part of the human race DNA….those questions are just part of being human, I am sure of it. Some biologist will someday discover the ‘are we there yet’ gene.

So what’s this got to do with anything meaningful? Well, as our virtual Master Key class is coming to an official end….or perhaps just the REAL beginning, it made me think how similar many of us looking for life’s answers are really just like kids……sometimes for years we have been asking…are we there yet? how much longer before we find the answers? Reading good books, affirming the right stuff, staying positive, and so on and so on…..yet still asking and wondering when will we actually get there. Patience hasn’t been working and so often we don’t feel we are getting any closer to our goals.

Most of us have been there in some way or another and for those that got the answers they needed, wow, what a difference. Many of us however have been taking a step by step approach to getting “there” so to speak,  and what the Master Key System has been teaching us week by week, month by month is there is no THERE! Unlike a road trip to a water theme resort to hang out and have fun, our life’s journey for answers is all an inside road trip.Incredible really. Like the wait at the border crossing, we all do in fact need patience to cross our own borders, surrender our passports to confirm who we really are, and then make the trek to our destination of CHOICE.

As I made the trek with the grand kids, and the seemingly hundreds of questions about timing and location, I know I have felt the same anxiety, impatience, boredom, and frustration with my own internal journey, using every method possible to make the time and search go faster.

As I come to the real beginning… again…I use this incredible gift of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance as my new GPS compass and cross over all the borders I built over the years and can only see a clear purposeful path and destination ahead.

It’s PLAY time now! 


16 thoughts on “Week 23 Are We There Yet? How Much Longer?

  1. Great Blog post Lydia! I so get it – “are we there yet?”, funny, we learn – much later on in life, that there is no “there”…even in death, the journey continues….having watched my mom pass away in peacefulness, perhaps, that is the beginning of another Journey…there is nowhere to get…love your blog…

  2. Lydia, great post as always. I agree that our journey is never ending and we don’t ever get there. But along the way, we are always learning, experiencing and growing.

  3. Loved it Lydia – Great Wolf Lodge is fantastic. The grand kids must have had an absolute blast. And I hear you about the “are we there yet” and it goes back to it being about the journey. But as kids don’t always get it – neither do the adults. We are blessed with having the opportunity for this class to put things into proper perspective.

  4. Lydia, what a wonderful post! I have been experiencing the “are we there yet” syndrome myself! And maybe that is my recent struggle? It’s been a wonderful journey and the end/beginning is near! Very well done, looking forward to reading your post in the future! Thanks so much.

    • Wes, it is a struggle some times, for sure. I have never had such a wonderful group of people that can share so authentically that it is! that in and of itself is simply a gift from this classroom. See you on the webinar real soon.

  5. Ludia,

    Another great piece. You are correct there is no there. I guess that is why it is so important to enjoy the journey. By the way I know Grand kids ask a lot of questions but are grandchildren appropriately named?


  6. I actually remember asking my mother and grandmother on the way to a seashore weekend trip. My grandmother said, and I obviously never forgot. “mile for mile, we’ll be there in a little while”. I like the connection of your own inner struggle of restlessness. Enjoy the journey or should I say ride?

    • I like your grandmother’s saying 🙂 . I also read this one..” Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch life’s a cinch.”

      here’s to every inch, mile and smile along the way for us all.

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