WEEK 14 The Truth about Some True Stories

Watching movies are not often an assignment when taking a class….and I certainly didn’t expect this assignment during our Holiday week break from our usual Sunday webinars. I am so glad we did in fact, get the movie watching assignment.

Our class was asked, and encouraged to squeeze some time into our Holiday activities, and include family if possible, and watch at least one of the following true story movies: October Sky, Cool Runnings, Door to Door and Rudy. These are all years old and most probably long forgotten by most. Interesting, all featured at least one big star that almost everyone knows today. I can’t help wondering if some actors got their starts with these choice movie roles.

Besides watching the movies, we were asked to look for and identify the 4 Habits of Persistence. Of course, by now in this incredible MKMMA course, my class colleagues and I are all very familiar with the 4 Habits…those being DMP + PMA + POA + MMA and together they equal SUCCESS.

Let me elaborate …..take a Definite Major Purpose, backed by a burning desire and add a Positive Mental Attitude, and then add an active Plan Of Action and combine with a Master Mind Alliance of 1 or more people supporting and committed to the DMP…..add them all up and they equal SUCCESS.

So what does this formula have to do with these movies? Everything. In each case, the lead had a Definite Major Purpose- a Dream so big and so powerful it consumed him, so yes, was very clearly backed by a burning desire to achieve it. Added to that purposeful dream was his positive mental attitude…..nothing stopped our hero from achieving his goal! In each case he stayed focused and positive, even through the toughest of times. He put into play, a working plan if action…a step by step plan that led him to the next step, not always knowing how or who or when what he needed was going to appear. He simply stayed true in his faith and never stopped believing. And just like my own MKMMA classmates in this very course, our movie hero surrounded himself with a mastermind alliance of friends, family and new connections who all rallied to support the definite purpose and dream. And in some cases, he had to withdraw from the closest people in his life when they couldn’t see for him what he so passionately wanted and didn’t support him. It was the tough choices our hero had to make, and he did.

The movies portrayed the exact formula. As we watch such great stories, especially when they are true stories about real life dreams and real life trials and tribulations, we don’t have the formula in our heads. We allow the passion and the grit,the setbacks, and overwhelming incremental successes along the journey, to permeate our hearts. So the truth is…..true story movies can demonstrate the same formula that a classroom environment does. Some are emotionally touching, as each of these are, and so many have never yet been shared in any way, let alone made the big screen.

I wonder how many of you have your very own Success formula story where you have worked through each of the formula’s parts, added them all up and concluded in a true story success. You were the starring role. Congratulations.

Now that it is 2014 and a fresh new calendar hangs, what could 2014 look like for you if you took this Success Formula and filled in each of the parts for something you want to do in this New Year? Perhaps start with watching one of these movies…..get into the spirit of any or all. Or just begin NOW with what you really want. One step in the right direction….that is all it takes.

May 2014 bring you much SUCCESS!  


15 thoughts on “WEEK 14 The Truth about Some True Stories

  1. Lydia, you described the Success process so well. You actually drew me in to really think of what my Hero’s Journey is looking like by checking my actions against the formula. It makes me excited to know that the new 2014 calendar will be filled in with my plan of action as I attain my definite major purpose.

  2. If only every person had the awareness or the persistence habits. Loved your blog and that is AWESOME that you enjoyed all four movies! You should get extra credit.

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