WEEK 12 – A mirror & index cards- like magic!

Imagine……standing in front of your mirror and repeating a one sentence DMP (Definite Major Purpose) for 50 straight minutes. Just a reminder…a DMP is that big hairy audacious goal about a major life accomplishment….yes, 50 minutes of repeating and repeating that goal in the present tense, as though it has already happened. Well that was just one of our assignments this week on our MKMMA, Master Key, Master Mind Alliance.

Ok, so it is a big dream goal condensed down to just one sentence, and repeated. Sound crazy? Many might have thought so too. So I challenge you to do it…a powerful thing happens when you promise to do it for the full 50 minutes. Maybe at the 10 min mark, or the 18 min mark, or even at the 36 min mark…a transition happens where you have repeated this so many times, all the while looking at yourself when you are saying it….an unexplainable power shift happens where you believe deeper than ever before…yes, you will accomplish that goal….it is stirring; it is mesmerizing; it is deeply centred inside like an anchor of belief, and most of all it feels completely natural and real.

So if that wasn’t big enough of an assignment for the week, our class also had another assignment…..take 30 index cards, a minimum of 30 cards and more if you can…write just one of your successes or attributes or things you have done on each card. These are from small things to anything big you have ever done…from childhood to present day….it didn’t take long to write out 30 cards, then 20 more, then another 20 and so on….little things like shovelling snow for $1 as a kid or playing basketball, to writing a book, or starting a business much later in life….we have all done TONS of things and did them well! After writing out all the cards, we shovelled them, threw in our trusted power sentences and affirmations and wrapped them up in a rubber band. I carry them with me wherever I go. Yesterday I pulled them out when my coffee meeting person was delayed. In only a few mins I reread all these great things I had already done in my life…from the simple small, to the pretty cool bigger things. When my coffee person arrived, I was beaming with pride and anxious to get back to my stack of cards! What a powerful way to stay connected to the many positives in our lives, as well as stay attracting more!

MKMMA….you knock me off my feet week after week and just when I think it can’t possibly get better, it does!! So a mirror and index cards….how easy is that?? Feel like engaging in these powerful exercises? Let me know and I will share more! Better still, ask me about the next MKMMA class launch date!





12 thoughts on “WEEK 12 – A mirror & index cards- like magic!

  1. Lyd, you hit a home run with this. Funny thing is….with the exception of the coffee delay…I could cut and paste everything you said and it would fit my week to the tee! So well done.

  2. Lydia, I loved that you wrote about the index cards with such “enTHUsiasm” (Mark J’s pronunciation). Reading my index cards made me feel really good, but thanks to you, I’ll be reading them in a whole new way … with “vitality” and “enTHUsiasm!” .

  3. Lydia, I really enjoyed your blog this week…it caught me off guard and had me relive for a fleeting moment, the exercise of the 50 minutes…I experienced those shifts when doing it in my office and now I have a mirror on my whiteboard that wasn’t there before. The MKMMA is making a major impact in our lives, glad to be on the journey together!

  4. Lydia, I just had to smile through your whole post as it brought back so many great memories of that day standing in front of the mirror reciting the one-sentence DMP, and then writing all those index cards confirming our accomplishments in life.

  5. Lydia, thanks so much for a powerful summary of the exercises of this week. I experienced the same feelings in front of that mirror. I got so carried away with it that I was late getting back to the webinar! The index cards are amazing – my mood and thought processes all shift and I am so uplifted reading them. What an awesome journey we are on together!

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