Week 10 Stubbornness vs Determination

I was born in Germany, and along with my German roots, I also have Lithuanian roots. A trait that comes along with being German is “stubbornness” and so they say the same for having roots in Lithuania. Double whammy I guess. Then again who makes up these “traits”? Is there an official that designates a culture with a matching trait? Like red heads being hot tempered…just more programming over the years. I used to believe I was lucky being blonde, and not a red head given the starting place with the imposed trait already built in. How could I possibly have managed being German and a red head?? Oh my!

I was reminded of this particular “stubbornness” trait on many occasions throughout my life…most often in a not so favourable way…. with 5 brothers and parents that were barely able to keep up with the needs and demands of their own roles, I often wanted to be heard over the crowd. When I wasn’t, which was often, I made it known.

As I am knee-deep in this month’s reading of the Greatest Salesman in the World, scroll 3, I have been reflecting on my past and my birth “trait”. ” I persist until I succeed “, Mandino writes, and as I read each line, over and over, I am also reminded that I am determined and driven…attributes worthy of placement in my subby…so good-bye stubbornness- you have been reframed!  

So I chose today to leave “stubbornness” far behind and claim my right to the higher attributes of determination and drive! Why? Because I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy! I persist. I win.

I choose to believe what I am…not what someone says I am. 



12 thoughts on “Week 10 Stubbornness vs Determination

  1. Short and sweet…Lydia, YOU are so awesome! I love how each of us keep kicking that old blue print harder along the path. It feels like an onion, we keep pealing the layers. 🙂

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