WEEK 8- Simply a way of life

More lessons and connections to my trip to India and Nepal…with 11 cities, the Nepal jungle, and miles and miles of planes, train, and road travel I could write about these countries and my new understandings for every blog till the cows come home ( yes that was a Holy pun) …but I will hold back in doing so, yet bring some sharings from these adventures to a close for now.

With mixed religions and many many centuries of beliefs and practices, one of the key new understandings is that is the people’s way of life….most don’t believe they follow a religion…for example Buddhism or Hinduism….the people say it is simply a way of life…a way they live each day. That was one of those ah-ha moments for me. …not a religion…it just is the way the people live.

Isn’t that what we are uncovering from Haanel and Mandino and week by week with MJ and his team in our MKMMA? Just a way of being….so simple. It isn’t a construct as much as a way to live and stay connected to a purpose…Dharma is a common word and reference  in India, whereas it is barely heard in our western culture and if so, most people can’t explain it or understand it when it is explained to them. It just is…sounds inviting and has a peacefulness to it, even in the harshest of environmental situations for millions.

Thousands of years Indian people have passed along the deepest of meanings, the universal connection of us all, our universal minds, meditation and Source and what some would call Destiny. It was fascinating to experience person by person, a culture that believes interconnectivity just is. Here we take our Western way of living and try to uncover secrets about our Universe, that these faith and deeply passionate people allow to just flow through them and live…no secrets….simply a way of life. Incredible actually and yet I could not help thinking of the power each of us has when we can synchronize our new beliefs and practices through MKMMA and combine that with the many splendours we enjoy in our Western world lifestyles. Old meets New…WOW. We are blessed.

The Himalayan mountains and flying to Everest…up front and personal, was awe inspiring and brought me to tears….flying to the top of the world, connecting Haanel, Mandino, Mark & Davene and the entire MKMMA to what felt like limitless divinity, limitless view of the world around me, and limitless potential and possibilities. No words can share my experience. My Dharma tingled within.  Image


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