WEEK 7 Positiveness Amongst the Negatives

Haanel challenges me staying positive when during my India and Nepal travels, there is so much negativity all around. Years and years and years of poverty piled up, generation after generation, like the mounds of disorder or garbage in most places I visited.

What was negative to me and was difficult not to judge based on my own values, was an accepted and ordinary way of life for the millions of people that live in the many amazing cities I ventured through. Who was I to offer my opinion of what I barely knew? Yet I found myself with thoughts and opinions about how different things could be for these new faces I encountered….an idea here, and another there, along with questions that seldom got me to a place of a satisfactory response. So many dimensions and so many differences that challenged my own way of life and beliefs, and values.

What a wise man that Haanel….and of course Mandino too, for challenging their readers in the ways that each has done over the years. For me I can’t help wondering if my timing and location of this recent trip was another way to let in the many lessons of each of these masters. I could’ve been on a beach vacation where everything around me was pristine, with all of nature’s wonders and pleasures and reading my daily and weekly lessons with ease. I was stretched beyond anticipation, these past several weeks in Haanel’s and Mandino’s teachings, while on the other side of the world where opinions and judgements were difficult to hold back and where love and patience were more difficult to openly share.

I am grateful for having chosen the time and locations of my travels as much as I am for investing in the MKMMA. There are lessons and teachers everywhere.  




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