WEEK 6: Love and PEACE- Two Eyes Say So

Within only a few days of starting Mandino’s Scroll II… focused on ‘loving all things’, I arrived in Kathmandu. Little did I know that I would here begin a journey of learning many aspects of ‘loving all things’. I even wondered of Mandino spent some time in this country of many dimensions….why not, I also wondered.

Among numerous ‘over the top’ adventures in Nepal, the ‘loving all things’ message from my daily readings, joined in full force with what I was learning in this new world around me. It didn’t take much to learn why a nation of millions of poor could live in their world so full of love and peace.  A visit to one of the largest “stupas” or monasteries in the world resides here. In fact, it is the largest among over 50 in this small region of Boudhanath, just outside of Kathmandu. Significant to the Buddhists is LOVE and PEACE, symbolized by the TWO EYES  which are seen everywhere….from the stupas of course, to the many handcrafts and rock carvings and everything in between. Image

Coincidence? No, there is no such thing as coincidences. I am part of a MKMMA…reading, learning and loving the lessons, and somehow the universe connected me to this key reinforcement lesson during the exact week the lesson’s daily reading changed to ‘loving all things’ the exact timing I was vacationing in one of the most spiritual places in the world…. all the while touching a piece of my own definite major purpose. Incredible timing. Incredible lessons. incredible synchronicity.

I also wondered if Bob Seger felt what I felt while standing amidst this place of wonder. 


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