Week 5 – Imaginations Gone Wild!

Driving the grandkids to school this morning was a wild, crazy adventure! We were being followed by 13…yes 13 ghosts and 3 creepy zombies, all of which (not witch) were hanging onto the van as I made my way along turns and stops and starts. Whew…so lucky we made it safe and sound and ran into the school before the creatures could block our paths. 

Silly? Well that depends….Hallowe’en brings out the crazy in crazy and the kids see decorations everywhere and get into the craziness of the week. We have lots of laughs and the best part….IMAGINATIONS are operating in high gear! After all, what other time of year would have so many ghosts and zombies who are hitching a ride?  

It made me think of how so many adults are challenged using their imaginations….unable to picture the ghosts or zombies who were clinging onto the van or having the ability to count them all. Being an adult kid can be a fun way to rev up and expand our imaginations, so hey….i roll with it. 

Imagination is such a critical part of our MasterKeys course. Every day we make time to use it with purpose and move ourselves into the future. I often wonder what kids would do with this part of this incredible course. They likely wouldn’t understand why we need to sit and imagine….after all, isn’t imagining just like breathing ….an absolute part of every day? Why would a special time and place be necessary…silly adults!

So beware of the many ghosts, goblins, zombies and other creatures looking to hitch a ride tomorrow…. they may be disguised as old blue prints!



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