Week 4- Commas save lives!

Great Wolf Lodge; Xmas 2012 054

Ok, so commas don’t really save lives….. but I thought of this plague I have pictured here when this week’s  Master Keys Alliance class was about the precision of our words.  

I received this plaque from my grandkids last Christmas. I remember having to explain it to the middle grandchild, who was 6 at the time. See, commas do make a big difference. My daughter has a great sense of humour having found this funny gift, now hung where I can be reminded of it often.

In today’s Master Keys class, we heard about how words can work for us, or against us. It’s so important to choose what will work in our favour. Often we talk to ourselves, whether aloud or in silence. What is it we telling ourselves? Will our words make a positive, or a negative impact? Words are not just words, after all.

As we deepen our learnings and fine tune the messages we are sending to our subconscious minds, we are discovering that even the slightest word differences can make a profound difference. It reminded me also of a book from several years ago which mentioned the importance of being “impeccable” with our words. Self talk is an area in which we can control, and it all starts with words that are well chosen.

So what is it that you are choosing to say to yourself? Are your words serving you or are they moving you further away from who you want to be? It’s worth taking notice of.

So maybe language and even grammar can save lives…in a manner of speaking.


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