Week 2 – Colours & Geometry!

When is good enough, just not good enough?
Many, in fact most of us were raised to believe in the whole mediocrity thing..whether it is about the house we live in, the clothes we wear, our income, travel etc etc. We are raised to accept good enough. I know I certainly was…..a long history of accepting what was, with no focus on what could, in fact be.
As I immerse myself in this simply amazing Master Keys course, every day I get closer to the “could be’s” and farther away from the “good enough’s” around me. It all starts with our thinking of course. I was reminded of this great quote introduced to me a while back, and I have enjoyed it ever since…thank you Steve Siebold…”The middle class mindset believes their vision only when they see it…..the World Class knows they will see their vision when they believe it.”

So as I dig deeper into my daily readings, study and personal challenges for what will be 24 weeks, I think about what is good enough in my life and what is not. I think of Siebold’s middle class and world class quote. The images about what will be get clearer every day. Pretty cool and pretty easy in the scheme of things.

One of the exercises is to identify coloured geometric shapes with promises I have made to myself…simple tasks really, not profound deliverables to tax myself. So how is it that now I have a blue rectangle, a red circle and a green triangle, or a yellow rectangle firmly planted in my visions every day and I begin to see them all around me? Were they always there and unnoticed or brand new to places I come to everyday? Wasn’t the red circle on the electric kettle there before last week? or my yellow rectangular sticky notes hidden? Wasn’t the blue rectangle on my shower curtain there since I hung it a year ago? With this renewed focus and connection to a task, they appear like brand new!

Am I moving slowly towards bigger things….step by step away from mediocrity? Oh yeah…I believe so and even though it has been some time since I knew mediocrity was not for me, I feel far more committed and focused to making world class my direction of choice and more so, to be able to grab hold of it much much sooner! Thank you Master Keys and my mentors & teachers!


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