Change my view

A whole new challenge for me is to have jumped into a Mastermind Alliance with friends, colleagues and total strangers. Timing is everything, we know. Would it have suited me to have done this challenge later? Maybe next year when things “slow down”? Sure. Would it have benefited me as much to have  delayed? No way. When would I get my biggest bang for my time buck? Now! No surprise. Time won’t stand still so making that decision and commitment brings me here to share with anyone who will care to read this. Opportunities like this only come along every once in a blue moon and when that train is in the station, you know you have to jump onto it…and hang on for the ride. 

So here I am and like many others, feeling the excitement as well as the demands.  When you change the way you look at something, the thing you look at changes.

So I have taken my learnings and re-framed how I will begin this journey for six months…a demanding, exhilarating, time challenging personal growth program on steroids! Wow! That shifts everything in how I now am looking at the requirements and months ahead. Suddenly this feels more on the exciting side and far less on the demanding side. I am looking at this “thing” from an entirely new perspective and allowing the feelings of gratitude, welcome and growth to dominate! Shift happens and that shift allows me to embrace this MasterMind Alliance with open arms of gratitude. Great decision I remind myself today!

Who will emerge from within in these coming months? I sit back in wonder of the question and get almost giddy of who she may be, or will be, what she will do or what she will have to share as the weeks and months pass. I steady myself with promise. I embrace not knowing. I welcome the unknown and revere at the many possibilities.

All aboard …as I pull out of the station called my ‘now’ life.



2 thoughts on “Change my view

  1. The stranger is the friend we have not met … yet. And now we are friends … already. Thanks for your openness to share. I felt the same — I’ll have T&E later? (time & energy). Sounds like you are a Heroine commencing a new Journey!

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